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Summer/Fall 2022

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Happy fall everyone!

We aim to share a quarterly newsletter with the SOF family, but, with how busy it has been, we just combined the summer newsletter with our fall one. Thank you for your patience in us sending it out, and we hope you enjoy all of the fun updates we have to share!

We had an absolute blast raising Marley (SOF One Zippin Asset) and are so excited about his new home. Congratulations to Carolyn and Todd in Oregon! Carolyn reached out to us back when Marley was two months old looking for a world class all-arounder to get her back in the show pen after being out of it for quite some time. Marley was the perfect fit, and it was just a matter of keeping him a secret until her anniversary in October to surprise Todd who always loved Paints! We look forward to cheering on Carolyn and Marley in the in-hand classes next year and then all-around under saddle when he is older. Go team go!

We would also like to extend our congratulations to Kallie in Oregon on her purchase of Sonny! She was on the lookout for a family horse and had her eye on him for quite some time, so we are very happy that everything worked out. Happy trails!

You know how much we love getting and sharing updates from SOF horse owners! We recently heard from Ida and Rosie's owner, Tiffany, in Tennessee. Ida is a 2013 granddaughter of Special Invitation, and her 2022 filly, Rosie, is by VS Total Heartthrob. Tiffany loves her SOF horses so much that there just might be another headed her way soon. Stay tuned...

Phyllis in Idaho also reached out to us with updates on Phillip, a 2015 stallion by MZ Blues Only. We look forward to cheering on the two of them in the halter pen next year! Phillip has some foals for sale and will also be breeding to outside mares next year. Let us know if you'd like more information!

Prince, a 2017 grandson of Hot Roddin Zip, is getting along wonderfully with his new owner, Christine, in New York. She says he "is a favorite with anyone that meets him, from the kids who took pony rides on him to S rated dressage judge, Margaret Freeman, who called him 'charming' during our clinic... What I absolutely love about Prince is that he is always willing and always calm... 'No' is not in his vocabulary." Thank you for the update Christine, and we are excited to cheer on Team Prince in your upcoming dressage tests and 2'-2'6" hunter shows!

Congratulations to all of the new SOF horse owners! Welcome to the family, and we can't wait to cheer you all on in your endeavors.

Last, but certainly not least, we'd like to share an update on our 2022 beef herd! The steers are coming along great, and thank you to everyone who has placed an order this year. We do have a couple shares available if you would like some of our high quality, pasture raised beef! Contact us today for more information.

As usual, if you would like your SOF horse featured on our social media, website, or in a newsletter, please contact our Marketing and Communications Manager, Naomi, on Facebook, Instagram, or at

Best Wishes!

Naomi, Jason, Brian, and John

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